Spirits Place

Who we are

Spirits Place is a non-profit organization in St. Albans, Maine dedicated to caring for feral and community cats, and compassionately sheltering homeless, abandoned or abused cats in preparation for adoption. Our founding team has over 40 years experience successfully managing healthy cat colonies, delivering spay/neuter help with partners, and educating the public to improve knowledge and understanding about the humane, life-saving treatment of cats, in hopes that someday, every cat will be cared for, loved and wanted. We mostly serve communities in Somerset, Piscataquis, and Penobscot counties.

Our Mission

Spirits Place engages grassroots compassion,education and creativity to elevate animal welfare and quality of life in our community by promoting and assisting in the spaying/neutering, medical care and compassionate management of stray, abandoned, feral and community cats.

Our Programs

Animal Care and Community Support Programming: Spirits Place aims to provide the best preventative and ongoing care we can to cats in our communities, and in-shelter. Some cats we find or who arrive can be in rough shape from years of neglect, yet blossom with loving care. We reach out to individual donors, businesses and foundations, and are developing an inventory of related cat-themed products to augment adoption fees — to support and provide the following programs and services to our target populations.

In response to the organic, driving interest of local students, teachers, organizations and groups, we are engaging teenage volunteers to help build grassroots humane education, in-shelter and through community outreach, to raise awareness and get involved. We are seeing how making a difference in the lives of feral and stray cats is also improving the lives of our youth, people with disabilities, families, and how a community defines itself as welcoming and compassionate.

Includes vaccines, veterinary examinations, and health and wellness treatments for feral colonies and community cats in various locales; and for pets of poor individuals, families and the elderly.

Includes intake assessment, veterinary examination, medical treatment, care and socialization for homeless cats from various situations (stray, abandoned, feral, etc) to prepare them for adoption. All cats are spayed/neutered and properly vaccinated before they are adopted.

Provides direct assistance and access to veterinary care for the poor to aid in pet retention and reduce/eliminate shelter intakes and pet surrenders. Also provides resources and referrals.

Get Involved

How do we save all of the cats? We need YOUR help!! There are so many ways that you can volunteer. We are always seeking motivated, responsible, caring, community minded folks that can work well as a team. There is lots to do and plenty of categories to choose from.


We have lots hand crafted toys and items for sale. Our cats nip toys and products are made by our volunteers and friends of Spirits Place all to keep our spay neuter work and resident cats well cared for.


We are seeking motivated, responsible, caring, community minded folks with a 2-4 hour stretch of time to come to our facility and care for our resident cat. If you possess a positive attitude, are honest, have a good work ethic and can work well as part of a team, we would love to talk to you.


Please help us help our wonderful furry friends! Each donation to our 501(c)(3) organization is tax deductible. You can help save a life, providing medical care for sick or injured animals, help with the cost of spay/neuter efforts in low income communities and offer sponsorships too.