Spirits Place

Spay & Neuter

Our primary mission is to promote and assist in the spaying/neutering and management of feral and community cats. We also assist low-income families with spay/neuter help and medical care for their companion animals as needed. This Includes vaccines, veterinary examinations, and health and wellness treatments for feral colonies and community cats in various locales; and for pets of poor individuals, families, and the elderly.

Although our goal is to find kind loving homes for all of the animals in our care, we also provide long-term space for animals that are deemed unadoptable and find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of life for the cats that cross our path. We pride ourselves on being a solid organization empowering individuals and communities as a whole to manage and maintain their feral and community cats.

The reality is there are not enough homes, shelters, rescues, or resources for the number of feral, stray, and community cats that already exist. Cat overpopulation is a CRISIS in this country and it is OUR fault. If you have a cat that is free-roaming and not spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated then you are part of the problem. Please consider becoming part of the solution. Spay and neuter your cats!

In-Shelter Feline Care & Adoption Program

Includes intake assessment, veterinary examination, medical treatment, care and socialization for homeless cats from various situations (stray, abandoned, feral) to prepare them for adoption. All cats are spayed/neutered and properly vaccinated before they are adopted.

Out-of-Shelter Feline Care & Pet Retention Outreach Program ​

Cats abandoned by humans who become homeless, and lost strays who reproduce unchecked, can be problematic when numbers get out of hand. Shunned in regions as “unwanted,” they struggle to survive on the streets or in the woods, are targets of further abuse, or succumb to natural predators. Likewise, pet owners of intact cats that repeatedly have kittens may surrender them to shelters thus adding to the stress of overcrowding and euthanasia. This program offers spay/neuter and vaccinations to the poor to aid in pet retention. It also provides resources and referrals.

Caring for Feral Cats

Feral cats also known as Community cats can be at the stressful center of compassionate people who desperately want to care for them but are limited in resources, and those who want to do away with them, sometimes in the cruelest means imaginable. It is a harsh reality in our region that cats and kittens are still killed and tossed away like trash. Feral cats receive little to no socialization as kittens and thus do not feel comfortable around humans. Therefore, they do not have the demeanor to be house cats. They live outdoors, frequently in colonies with other feral cats, often in abandoned buildings, barns, and other structures. 

Many feral cats rely on the kindness of human caretakers and strangers to provide regular access to fresh food and water. One of the best ways a caretaker can support a feral cat is through trap-neuter-return (TNR). With TNR, the cat is safely and humanely trapped so that it can be altered and vaccinated before being returned to its colony. This reduces the number of offspring in the colony and makes the colony and its individual cats healthier and safer. 

Feral cat caretakers are important to our communities and we support them in a number of ways, including providing spay/neuter services for TNR cats.