Spirits Place

Adoption Program

Sadly, Spirits Place exists to address the harsh reality of what happens when people refuse to spay and neuter their pets and overpopulation becomes an issue. Most of our cats come from hoarders, abusers, and/or feral colonies, and are not typically at a stage to be adopted. Our goal is to be a bridge to a better life for those that do rehabilitate and are ready for their forever home. Are you ready to open your home to one of our cats? Their happiness and wellbeing is our number one priority. Open your home today to one or two or 3 of these special cats.  Helping them helps us to help others.

Andy and Winston
Andy and WInston were born to a Feral mom on April 2nd of 2021.  She was fiercely protective of her offspring but once they began to move around and play they were eager for attention.  There were originally 3 brothers.  Benson has gone on to his forever home and is thriving.  Andy and Winston are a bonded pair that are looking for their forever home together.  They are highly energetic and need room to play.  Unlike their mom they have never known life on the streets. They know nothing about predators, busy roads or the hazards of the wild.  They are very trusting and inquisitive and require an indoor home.  Would you like to adopt this fun loving pair?
Raisin came to us recently from Animal Control.  She was picked up on the side of the road in Levant by some people from Ellsworth.  She was quiet and a little lethargic.  They brought her to a shelter in Bangor. After the people left she was refused because they were full and didn’t contract with the Town of Levant.  Animal Control was called to pick her up at the shelter.  He brought her to us since the contracting facility was closed.  We don’t contract with the Town of Levant either but anyway here she is.  After a litter wormer, a little time and her first vaccination she is bouncing off the walls and ready for her forever home. Would you like to adopt Raisin?

Adoption Application