Spirits Place

Our Cats

Most of our cats come from hoarders, abusers, and/or feral colonies, and are not typically at a stage to be adopted. Many require extensive rehabilitation which can take up to two years. We also have many long term cats that may be battling illnesses and they are also not considered adoptable. We have a program created for these cats that connects them with people. You can pay monthly starting at $10.00 up to any amount and receive monthly updates and photos about your cat of choice. You can cancel at any time. A sponsorship application is at the bottom of this page. If you want to adopt a cat, please check out our adoption program


Baron came to us in July of 2020. He was a youngster in a colony of 49 cats that started out as 2 free kittens. Left unchecked they quickly multiplied. All of the adult cats were spayed/neutered and fully vetted and returned to the site. The younger cats were kept and put up for adoption. Baron is shy but very comfortable around his other cat friends. His social skills are improving every day and hopefully, soon he will be ready for a home. In the meantime, he needs a sponsor.​


Bajah came from a state investigation in March of 2020.  She was seized from a home containing over 30 cats, 14 dogs, guinea pigs, lizards, snakes and an unneutered male goat all living in squalor conditions.  She was in very poor health, thin, sick and stressed.  She is not fond of people but has been spayed, fully vaccinated and all her medical conditions have been addressed. She is thriving in her new environment.  Would you like to sponsor her?
Hobo came to us in 2019.  He was a street cat that was dependent on the kindness of strangers. He lived a solitary life and was timid around other cats.  His best friend was a skunk.  He was brought to us when the people that cared for him on the street moved and they did not want to leave him on the street with no one to care for him.  His eyes were always infected and after many trips to the vet, it was discovered that he had entropion.  His eyelashes were actually sticking into his eyes causing him severe pain.  He got his eye surgery and was neutered and vaccinated.  He lives his best life here and enjoys his freedom. 

Cookie came from the streets of Hartland. She was fending for herself along with her friend who unfortunately was hit by a car and killed. She is a sweet affectionate girl who loves attention. She enjoys her freedom here at the farm. We would love to find Cookie a home and have tried adopting her out a couple of times. She doesn’t always use her litter box and gets returned. She would love to have a sponsor.


Cuddles came to us in January of 2018.  He was left behind in a trailer park in Newport by his owner.  He was living in an abandoned car with a broken window and sponging off the local McDonald’s and Shell station. He depended on a couple of residents in the trailer park for survival.  We got a call one day from one of the residence stating Cuddles was bleeding from his mouth and could we help.  Upon arrival we asked the woman if we got him medical attention, neutered and vaccinated would she like to have him.  She said no I would like for him to have a better life than I have.  She kissed him on the head said I love you Cuddles and handed him to us.  He had an abscess in his mouth that was never treated and had a piece of his jaw bone removed.  He has been fully vetted is FIV positive and living his best life here with us.  He loves his life and is great with children and other cats. He does like to mark things on occasion.  Some habits die hard.  Would you like to sponsor Cuddles?