Spirits Place

Youth Programs

In response to the organic, driving interest of local students, teachers, organizations and groups, we are engaging teenage volunteers to help build grassroots humane education, in-shelter and through community outreach, to raise awareness and get involved. We are seeing how making a difference in the lives of feral and stray cats is also improving the lives of our youth, people with disabilities, families, and how a community defines itself as welcoming and compassionate.

Feline Rescue Readers

Research shows reading can have a calming effect on animals. Rescue Readers is a one-hour program for all readers, where participants read to the cats in our shelter facility providing soothing company to cats as they await adoption. As a bonus, new readers gain confidence and improve their reading skills. 

Summer Camp

Spirits Place Summer Camp is a five-day, cat-themed day camp for kids entering grades 3-8.

Kids spend time immersed in everything cat on our 15-acre farm. Camp includes cat-related educational activities, including games, crafts, guest speakers, animal interactions, and more! We create a unique experience for all campers so they can return to our programs year after year!  Currently on hold due to Covid.

Teens Creating for Cats

There is much creative energy, purpose, and expressiveness waiting to be tapped among our youth in our region, which is desperately needed. Students have already self-initiated other exciting art projects to enhance the shelter, including painting a wall mural they designed.  Teenagers who make cat-themed pottery generate revenue for Spirits Place and help us to carry out our mission. 

We believe developing this program integrates creativity and the arts with Spirits Place cats, young people, and the environment which serves to elevate animal welfare, community pride, and our shelter’s sustainability in a uniquely powerful and wide-ranging way.

Teen Champions for Cats

This volunteer program encompasses two components: in-shelter care, and community outreach. Young people who deepen compassion through their experience at Spirits Place and reach out to engage friends, family and neighbors are crucial ambassadors to elevating the status of cats and animal welfare in this region. 

The in-shelter care component encourages and supports teenage volunteers from area high schools to learn how to responsibly and compassionately care for cats and help prepare them for adoption. Responsibilities and skills include: socializing and feeding cats and cleaning cat areas. 

The community outreach component includes managing communications for Spirits Place social media platforms, including co-administering our Facebook page. Skills and responsibilities include photographing and editing images of Spirits Place cats, writing compelling, individual stories about each cat and their special features to promote their adoption, and reaching out to friends and community members.

If you wish to know more about our Youth Program, send us a message at spiritsplace1@gmail.com or submit a message here.