Spirits Place

Our Story

Spirits place was founded in 2016 in order to address the harsh realities of feral, stray, and community cats. Situated on 15 acres in Saint Albans, Maine Spirits Place runs a state-licensed, nonprofit shelter that is currently home to over 200 felines that come from all types of situations where they have been neglected, abandoned, or abused.

We focus on helping the hardest-to-place cats – those for whom Spirits Place is their only chance of survival. When state and local animal control officers need a safe place to bring feral and unsocialized cats that most shelters are unable to take on, we open our doors time and again. Since our founding, we have rescued over 1000 cats and will continue to strive toward excellence in animal welfare for the hardest-to-place felines.
Spirits Place is a sizeable, welcoming, and picturesque Maine facility that also provides adoption and education, along with the outstanding potential for significant community engagement opportunities.

Hi there, I am Spirit!

Spirits Place is special to me because it is named after me. I was the first cat at this sanctuary. You can read more about my story here 


What also sets Spirits Place apart from the traditional shelter “management model” is our rescue, support, and socialization of cats who are allowed to roam freely in our countryside shelter – in conjunction with our focus on community engagement, the creative arts, and bringing humans of all ages and abilities together with animals in a beautiful, natural and positive environment. . Our resident felines have a significant role that they play on this farm. They are the faces of the unwanted and they all have a story. They have plenty to teach us if we are willing to learn.

Our integrated approach not only significantly improves the quality of life for cats and of community members who visit and volunteer but also enhances better matches for adoption and pet retention. Spirits Place is where People help cats and cats help people. We are a cat farm on a healing mission and firmly believe that while not everyone can have a home everyone can have a life.