Spirits Place

Hello, My Name is Spirit and Spirits Place Belongs to Me

I came here 4 years ago as an abandoned kitten. I was clinging to a screen door in Corinna looking for help. 8 little barking dogs let the owner of the home know I was there. He proceeded to spray me with the garden hose to get me off his door. I was picked up by the shelter, fed and taken care of. I got neutered and vaccinated and was quite content. I was enjoying my life but people felt sorry for me and wanted to adopt me. Normally that would be a very good thing but, I am not normal. Long story short I was adopted out twice. Both times I cried all night long and kept my new owners up all night. They listened to me and returned me to the shelter. This is where I belong and I have a job and a purpose here.

Over the next few months I will be introducing you to some of my buddies. They share my place with me. Many of us come and go from here. Some of us are sick, some of us are injured some of us are in danger, and some of us have found ourselves homeless for a variety of reasons. Some of us are only passing through, my place serves as a bridge to a better life, some of us will need rehabilitation both physically and emotionally before we are ready to move to a forever home, some of us will never be ready and will spend the rest of our days here where we will draw our last breath. My purpose is to introduce you to all of us, one at time and put a face to us. We are a product of you and my goal is to educate and enlighten you. If you are already educated and enlightened then my purpose is to ask you to educate and enlighten others so that together we can reach the ones still struggling, still sick, and still reproducing, being abused and dying on the streets. Welcome to a glimpse into my world. I hope you enjoy my upcoming “tails” and thank you in advance for your time……