Spirits Place

Hi, Spirit here. I would like you to meet my friend Fluffy/ aka Psycho Cat

Hello my name is Fluffy and here is my story.

Sadly, it is ordinary but I hope you find it worthy of print. I was a kitten that landed in Gilman Trailer Park with my brother Cuddles. We lived there for a while and had a home. About 3 years ago, our owner drove away and left us. We weren’t neutered or vaccinated and suddenly we were left to fend for ourselves. This was an adjustment. Some people in the park were kind and gave us food others were mean and chased us away and threw things at us. We were on our own and to survive, we went our separate ways. I continued to reproduce and am responsible for close to 100 kittens in a 2 year span. I bred every unspayed female cat in the trailer park and surrounding area that I could find. Some of my offspring found homes, some died from disease, abuse and neglect and some got rounded up by fed up residents and dumped on the side of the roads in other communities to become someone else’s problem.

Well I guess you might be wondering where I got the name Psycho Cat. I was a long haired guy, I was filthy, my fur was matted; I had fleas, worms and ear mites. I had never gotten vaccinated and began to develop an ear polyp so my ear was always dripping blood and the polyp affected my sinuses so my nose was always boogered. I looked diseased so the residents coined me Psycho Cat and wished me dead. They actually thought they had gotten their wish. I was reported to be lying dead in the woods. They were all happy my reign was over. They were mistaken; the dead cat in the woods looked like me, was related to me but was not so good at surviving and perished out there all alone, no name, no face, no one to care. They weren’t happy I was alive but Spirits Place was working in the park and one of the residents grabbed me by the scruff of the neck while I was in the process of trying to mate with a couple of young cats in the park scheduled for spay that day. I was taken to the vet along with them. I was neutered, vaccinated, my matts were all shaved off and my ear polyp was removed. I must say, I cleaned up rather well. My road over the past couple years left me Fiv positive but other than that I was fine. My brother Cuddles did not look as bad as I and people were kinder to him. He was taken to the shelter a few months earlier with a bloody mouth. Spirit will introduce you to him another time. Once I was healed up from my ordeal I was reunited with Cuddles at the shelter. The people here were kind to me and I was free to live a peaceful life. I was cared for and happy here for a short time. My kitten producing days were over. The last 6 of my offspring were taken to the shelter as well. They were gorgeous if I do say so myself. Looked like little wolves. Gray with black tips on their ears, tail and paws. Everyone wanted them. Ironic since no one wanted me.

My unkempt life had taken a toll on me and my ear polyps kept returning.  The vet says it was viral from never being vaccinated.  I started to have trouble breathing and had a chronic discharge from my nose.  I sounded like I was suffocating.  I was.  I was scheduled for surgery to remove the polyp.  I was unconscious on the operating table and the vet called the shelter to tell them to come to the clinic.  The polyp was too dangerous to remove and I would bleed to death on the table.  The kindest and most humane thing to do was to not wake me up. They held me as I drew my last breath and quietly I left this earth. 

My “tail” is all too common.  The life and times of someone’s pet left to become a street cat.  If my brief life could impart any wisdom here on earth I would ask you to PLEASE think before you act.  Take responsibility, elevate up and own what you do.  Your irresponsibility lead to my demise and caused countless kittens to be born, diseases to be spread and you left your mess for someone else to clean up. Please, take a moment and think about it…..

I wish you peace,