Spirits Place

Hi, Spirit here. I would like you to meet my friend Frank!

Hello my name is Frank.

My owners moved away and left me in Levant to fend for myself. I was picked up by animal control and brought to the shelter. I got vaccinated and neutered right away and got back into good condition. Even though I was left behind outside to fend for myself I didn’t have much street smarts. I was oblivious to the dangers of motor vehicles and was always out near the road. I used to sit in the middle of it and watch the cars. I even managed to get bumped by an old man passing by. He was very shaken up and crying. I was fine. Everyone hoped my close call would knock some sense into me. I enjoyed my freedom but I worried the shelter staff so they made me stay inside if I wasn’t being watched and I had to be locked in a room at night when no one was around.

I met Levi at the shelter. His brothers volunteered at the time and Levi always came to see me. He would liberate me from my room and we would travel around the shelter together. I always got in the car and sat next to him in his car seat. We really developed quite a strong bond. Levi had some serious health issues and had to go to Boston for treatment quite often. Levi’s mom said that if he made it through his treatments and still wanted to visit me he was coming to take me home. Well Levi made it and he came to the shelter to pick me up. I hopped right into the car next to him. The staff was freaking out because I wasn’t in a carrier. They didn’t get it, I knew who my person was and I was going home.

I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Levi looked at the shelter owner and told her she could never have me back. She said good and Levi’s mom drove us away. I got to my new home and hopped out of the car and walked along Levi into my new home. Levi was mine and I was his. We do everything together.

Levi still has some serious health issues and a difficult road ahead of him. I am glad I am with him. For his birthday he asked for cat toys for my buddies still at the shelter. He was so excited to get so many presents for the shelter cats. People could learn a lot about life from my buddy Levi. He has the best attitude and is an excellent example of a human. Here are some pics of me and my new life. As you can see I am doing fine.