Spirits Place

Hi Spirit here. Been busy welcoming new cats. Say Hello to Cutie.

Hi my name is Cutie.

My owners were evicted from their place in Saint Albans. They drove away and left me. I lived under a mattress near the wood pile for a while. I waited there for a very long time for them to come and get me. They never came. I was a former pet and house cat and did not have good survival skills. I got very thin and cold. I wasn’t doing well on my own. The neighbor across the street took pity on me and fed me. She took me in and later found out I was pregnant. I had the kittens but they became too much for her so outside we all went… I got pregnant again. My kittens were never handled and they became feral. They live out in the wild. I got pregnant a 3rd time and was living in a shed in a box with my kittens near the road. Another neighbor on the other side of the road cuts all the animals heads off with an ax that he can get his hands on. A concerned community member told Spirits Place about me and they came and got me. I went into foster care with my kittens. My kittens are all weaned and doing very well. They are ready for adoption. My foster mom wanted to keep me and gave me a try with her 5 cats. She has a shy cat named Peanut that I like to pick on. I am back at the shelter and ready for my forever home. I am looking for my own person. I would do best all by myself in my own home. I am very affectionate and loyal and would love to be the center of attention. I would make an excellent lap cat. Can you help me find my forever home?

Thanks for your time…