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Meet Katniss | The One Eyed Abandoned Kitten | EDUCATE-ELEVATE-EMPOWER

Meet Katniss: Katniss was found in Pittsfield June 11 th. at the end of a driveway in very poor condition. She was brought to us that evening and went to our Veterinarian the very next day to have her eye removed. She had upper respiratory along with her eye trauma. We believe her condition was caused by an eye infection that was allowed to fester. Regardless of the cause, there was no saving her eye. The woman that rescued her gave her the name Katniss named after the character in the Hunger Games. She is definitely a survivor, very playful and affectionate. She is healing nicely and has never missed a beat and we are happy to report she has found her forever home. She will be leaving us this Sunday to start her new life that will be a great life where she will be loved and cared for. We have loved having her here and have enjoyed watching her bloom. Our job here is to heal and assist those in need. Our goal is to be a bridge to a better life. Once again Katniss is here to remind us to educate, elevate, and empower people to spay/neuter, fully vaccinate and tend to the medical needs of their cats. We are grateful to Alysa for going out of her way to help an abandoned little cat. We at Spirits Place are also inspired by all the other people in our community that step up becoming part of the solution. Sadly there are many that are still part of the problem. Overpopulation and unwanted cats exist solely due to irresponsible people. Until the day comes when people take responsibility for themselves and their pets our beat goes on. The surgery and care that Katniss received was costly and we are so happy we could help this abandoned little sweetheart. We couldn’t do it without all of your support and generosity. Thank you everyone for helping to make our mission a success.