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Hello Spirit here. Another story for you. Meet Sam and Burlios

Hello Spirit here. Another story for you. Meet Sam and Burlios….


FREE KITTENS: Hello we are Sam and Burlios. We were adopted by a couple of young women over a year ago. Our owners took us for a ride. We ended up at Spirits Place. Our owners told the shelter staff that they heard they take cats and they didn’t want us anymore. The owner of the Shelter said, well you heard wrong, we don’t take peoples unwanted pets. She asked our owners if we were neutered and vaccinated. The shelter owner asked why the shelter should absorb the expense for their cats just because they didn’t want them anymore and how did they plan to be responsible toward us. They looked at her in a very confused manner. We were free kittens and the novelty wore off and now we are homeless. Our owners drove away and forgot all about us. They probably will get a couple more free kittens and do the same thing all over again. We call them repeat offenders. We know we are preaching to the choir since all of you that follow plights like ours know where we are going with this. Here we go again just in case we can reach some of you and empower you to step up.


FREE KITTENS are not free. They are a commitment, responsibility and Yes, they cost money. They require proper vaccines, spay/neuter in a timely manner, and routine medical care. In other words they are not a whim or impulsive decision. If you cannot offer your free kitten a stable long term environment then don’t get a free kitten. Here is the impact YOUR decision to get a free kitten that you cannot or choose not to take responsibility for will have on your community.

1. If you choose to dump the free kitten or pass it off free to someone else, that doesn’t spay/neuter and fully vaccinate, your irresponsibility will lead to countless other kittens.

2. Your free kitten will continue to reproduce and your neighbors and your community will be flooded with stray cats.

3. Your unvaccinated cat can contract and spread disease endangering itself, its offspring and other cats.

4. Your free kitten will ultimately lead to more pressure on animal control officers (ACO’s) that could be spending their time and resources on other animal related issues, more pressure on shelter intakes and expense, and more upset on caring individuals that step up to clean up your mess for you. News Flash: YOU are not the only irresponsible person with an unwanted pet. There are hundreds/thousands of you. Individually and collectively you contribute to overpopulation, the spread of disease, you jeopardize the health and safety of your unwanted pet as well as other family’s pets, cost shelters an enormous amount of money and ultimately lead to the death of thousands of cats.

Our message is a simple one: Educate, Elevate, Empower yourselves and your friends. In other words think of someone other than yourselves and take responsibility for your actions.


Thanks for listening,

𝒮𝒶𝓂 & 𝐵𝓊𝓇𝓁𝒾𝑜𝓈